- Bachelor of Education Degree
- Master of Science Degree
- TEFL certificate

Phil Stowers

Master of Science Degree
I am a personable, concerned, and highly skilled communicator. I use the communicative method of teaching combined with a keen understanding of teaching methods. I use traditional teaching methods along with multimedia techniques. [...]

Rory Hildick

Cambridge CELTA Certified
Rory is a native English teacher from the UK with over five years experience teaching English to students around the world, including South Korea, Berlin and online. He is an experienced teacher of general English, business English, academic English and preparation for [...]

April Turgutalp

Private tutoring
I am very patient and will allow the student to try to correctly answer a problem without interrupting. I think today’s biggest challenge is when the teachers do not give enough credit to the students and become impatient with them. A student [...]
advanced TESOL certification
English for Business

June Feldman

Advanced TESOL certification
June is a well-traveled and experienced professional who brings fun into the classroom! Her BBA and over 20 years in corporate sales & marketing honed her presentation, creative, and communication skills. June was also a corporate trainer and consultant which began her [...]
Degree in Psychology

Dean Cuming

Degree in Psychology
I enjoy engaging and motivating students to learn through focused practice of all four skills. I have worked with curricula designed by top publishers in ESL and have also created a great deal of materials to augment structured courses and as stand-alone [...]
Business English
Cambridge exam specialist

Caroline Sinfield

Business English
I’m enthusiastic and passionate about teaching languages. I myself was a language student at university so can really empathize with the students. I’m very patient with my students and generally develop a good relationship with them. I try to make my classes [...]
- Certified CELTA ESL Teacher

John Koubaroulis

certified CELTA ESL Teacher
John is a certified CELTA ESL Teacher with 140+ hours in training to teach English as a second language.q Currently, he teaches English online to students in South Korea and tutors an elementary school student in sight words and reading.  John has [...]

Daniel Colman

English teacher
I have recently finished teaching for a year in China at Thames School of Languages, a reputable, British-run English school. The school’s training gave me a solid foundation in Western teaching methodologies and approaches. Over the course of the year I had [...]