Best Travel Tip: Speak English

Being able to communicate with people from other countries that speak different mother tongue language is very important, especially when we travel abroad. The English language has become Lingua franca in the whole world thanks to the colonization which spread the English language to virtually all continents and sometimes entirely replacing the native language of […]

How to Choose the Best Teacher to Improve Your English Speaking Skills

Interview as many teachers as you can and go with your gut feeling! Personal intuition will give you the best information than any resume or referral. At English-by-phone, we have a course package that is designed to help students find the perfect ESL teacher to help them learn the English language to the best of […]

Experiential Development for ESL Students

There are many schools of thought (pardon the pun) regarding Experiential Learning and Development and probably just as many opinions and conjectures as to when the philosophy of Experiential learning and development with respect to ESL education first began. The scope of this blog is not to expositorily delve into the philosophies of the concept […]

English Job Interview Survival Guide

Have you ever stopped to realize just how important communication is to you? Without being able to connect with other people, it not only stops you from achieving your goals and desires, it could also threaten any chances of getting a job.   An interview is a vital part of recruitment procedure. When communicating with […]

Honing English Language Skills Through Technology

Learning a new language is no easy task, and some languages are more difficult than others to master. While learning English is no walk in the park, technology helps to simplify the process. Students are now finding it easier than ever to immerse themselves in the English language and improve both their conversation and writing […]

Poor Grammar, on the *Lose*

I seen your website ad and figured out it is a good way to get my foot on your door. Why should grammar matter? In the age of text messaging and auto-correct programs that infiltrate the lives of most people, it is easy to become lazy in terms of using proper grammar. When typing and […]

Language Barriers’ Harmful Effect to Medical Care

Mistranslations can cause very harmful effects in medical care. People can be diagnosed with incorrect maladies purely because they could not accurately describe their symptoms. If somebody goes in to accident emergency one of the first things they are asked to do is describe their own symptoms. If nobody speaks their native language, then they […]

Raymond Murphy – English Grammar in Use

Raymond Murphy the author of the world’s best-selling grammar book is a hero to many. His forward thinking, innovative books have changed the lives of many around the world. He started out teaching English as a second language in Germany, and in Oxford England. His passion for the English language and English grammar is what […]

Choosing Between American and British Pronunciation

Learning English as a second language is actually quite difficult. There are many words that sound similar and some words can be pronounced in different ways. One of the biggest problems is dealing with the pronunciation from different countries. Should you opt for British pronunciation or the American ones?   Learning General American Pronunciations There […]

How to Learn English with the News

There are many different ways to learn a new language but one of the best methods to learn how to speak the English language is to watch news and other shows in English language on television frequently. Even for students that are already quite fluent during the English school lessons, one of the failures is […]